Frequently asked questions

Who is in charge of this fireworks show?

This show is being created and managed by Lake Perry Yacht & Marina. If you have questions, please calll Bryan or Takeesa at 785-783-4927.

How do I know that my money will be put to good use?

We have created a separate income and expense account just for this show. All funds received through GoFundMe, or funds that are send directly to us will be deposited into the fireworks account to be used expressly for this event. Please know your funding will be spent judiciously and with great care. All the work of planning, organizing and dealing with this event is being done by our employees and by the gracous volunteer labor of our friends.

What happens if the financial goal isn't met?

This is the #1 question we receive. If for some reason we don't raise the amount needed for a 2018 fireworks show, then we will adjust. We will just scale the show down to meet our budget. We already have enough funds committed as of 1/1/18 to have a small show. We've been in communication with the fireworks vendor and have agreed to make a final decision on the scope of the show on 5/1/18. This gives us plenty of time to raise the needed money. If you haven't donated yet, please do! Click here to donate! The very worst case scenario (and we really don't think this will happen) will be to keep the funds in reserve for a 2019 show. We will be sending updates to all of you throughout the process so you know the status.

Is there a rain date scheduled?

Yes- the rain date for the show is Sunday July 1, 2018.

Will there be concessions and vendors?

Not this year. Our focus is to give everyone a great fireworks show.

Will there be designated parking areas?

Yes. We will post an updated map with designated parking areas for the show. Also, you will be able to park in any of the existing state park parking areas. The dam will be closed for the evening since the fireworks will launch from there.

Will the fireworks be in conjunction to music?

Yes! 99.3 The Eagle is our radio sponsor and will broadcast a live simulcast of the show that evening.